Monday, July 4, 2011

Who Is Quilt Kit Market. Com?

My name is Michele Whetstone and I'm passionate about quilting!  I've been an avid quilter for twenty five years in addition to being a machine embroiderer. Three years ago, I became a Jenny Haskins Accredited Instructor and have taught several classes at the local quilt shop. I enjoy teaching people how to sew and helping them increase their creativity by introducing them to new techniques they never dreamed were possible with embroidery machines.

The closing of the local quilt shop inspired me to start Quilt Kit Market, LLC. I wondered about the fate of other quilting stores in today's fair-weather economy and was concerned about where to find quality fabrics.  I knew if I was worried about finding a convenient way to find fabrics, other quilters would be too. Us quilters are busy people. Like me, they own other businesses, work full-time jobs, run a household and raise a family.  Finding time to quilt is important to us, but very hard to come by.

And that's how Quilt Kit Market Came about. If I could eliminate the time and stress of selecting fabrics for  patterns, that would free up more time to spend quilting, which in turn would allow me to finish more projects! I want to provide other busy quilters the same luxury by offering kits that include high quality fabrics at affordable prices and get delivered right to their front door.

We hope you'll check back often.  We'll be growing by leaps and bounds over the next year and we certainly  don't want anyone to miss out on the wonderful quilt kits and coordinating fabrics we'll be adding to our inventory on a regular basis.

Happy Quilting !


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quilt Kit Market

Welcome to Quilt Kit Market. com.  We keep busy quilters stitching! Please take a look at our posts (see the blog archive on the side) and you will find wonderful quilt kits that we have available for purchase at  Here you will also find some great quilting and sewing tips and techniques. Go to our website and sign up for our newsletter and be sure and "follow" us here on our blog.  Thanks so much for finding us! Let us know what you think!